EH2GO iPad Environmental Health Software Options


Mobile Application
Device One mobile device model number running iOS (Apple iPad/iPhone), Android or Windows tablet
Off-line Native, resident mobile application. Data entry functions without internet connectivity
History View past inspector reports per facility, off-line
Database On-device database for storage and recall
Signature Electronic, onscreen signature (or sign hard copy)
Photos 10 max photos per inspection
Buttons 5 Checkboxes – OUT, IN (in compliance), NA, NO (not observed), COS (corrected on site)…
Score Weighted points per line item
Auto-fill Several data entry fields auto-filled: Estab. name, address, tel, contact…
Permits Status: Paid, Due, Past Due, Suspend, Reinstate
Code Reference Regulatory Code and auto populate description
Re-Inspect “Correct by” date entered, track/schedule re-inspection
Help Help button form more info
Facilities Food Establishment, Event, Property, Vehicle, School, Pool, Water, Sewage…
Mobile Reporting
Generate Generated directly from tablet while at inspection site without connectivity
PDF Custom formatted PDF to match customer’s existing forms
Send Connectivity is necessary to send (email) the PDF reports
Permit Print hard copy on customer supplied wireless (Bluetooth) printer
Mobile Data
Read Read-only data access. Customer pulls data for its internal use
Store Cloud (or other) data storage
Transmit Send CSV (Excel), XML, database or other file via web services
Sync. Mobile/Office SQL server sync
Office Software – Web-based Office Portal to Manage Inspection Operations
User Mgt. Web Portal with 3 Levels: Super Admin, Admin, Inspector

  • Staff Management – List, Add, Remove Users
  • Set user access, enter new facility. assign facility to inspector, limit viewing to users’ facilities…
  • Inspection management
Reporting Report/Document Management

  • Inspection Reports – Research/view/print past inspection reports
  • Sort by date ranges: Violations, Inspection Types, Permits, Facilities, Inspectors…
  • Tracking – Status, Pending, Document Tracking
Facility Mgt. Facility Type, Contacts, Email, Tel, Address, Add, Update, Delete…
Permit History, Action, Status: Paid`, Due, Past Due, Suspend, Reinstate
Search Query database
Schedule Assign jobs to Inspectors based on availability/calendar, view inspections due, send notifications…
Map Color coded permit status on map
Public Post to Public Website – Estab. Scores, violations…
Data Storage, hosting, backups, import existing data, export CSV, data files, mailing labels…
Analytics Analytics – Charts, Graphs, Trends
Accounting Payment processing, AR, AP…

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